Education Initiative

About the Sunrise Cable Network Education Initiative
Sunrise Cable Network is proud to support broadcasting opportunities for students in local high
schools in Northern Michigan.  Since 2008, Sunrise Cable Network has aired programs created
by Northern Michigan area school students and provided technical and curricular support as
well as facilitated donations for equipment for broadcasting programs.  
We believe that the skills learned by incorporating broadcasting into the curriculum at the high
school level are necessary for the 21st century student.  Students in the broadcasting program
learn not only audio/visual production skills but also personal presentation and formal interview
skills, writing and storytelling skills, how to use the industry-standard editing program Final Cut,
and gain experience working as a real staff member on a video production team as reporters,
videographers, anchors, writers, sports commentators, and directors.

We encourage anyone in the Northern Michigan area interested in pursuing Broadcasting at
their school, or anyone interested in supporting one of our school programs to contact us.
David LaClair, Programming and Production Coordinator at Sunrise Cable Network, can answer
your questions regarding the Sunrise Cable Network Initiative and how we can be a part
of your school.  You can reach him at (989) 306-0089 or by email at
Support a School Broadcasting Program
There are many ways to support a broadcasting program at one of these area schools, Atlanta
Community Schools, Les Chenaux Community Schools, Hillman Community Schools, Pickford
Community Schools, Rogers City Area Schools,  check out our sponsors page for more
information.  School classrooms are always in need of equipment and donations for events
that increase the students understanding of broadcasting and enhance the skills that they are

Sponsoring a broadcasting classroom in one of our school programs is a great way to contribute
to enhancing Northern Michigan students high school experience and bringing them unique
opportunities normally accessible only to large school districts.
Choose one of our school programs and contact us at Sunrise Cable Network to donate to one
of these programs.  Donít forget to check out the students work on the main page.