About Us

Our Mission is to showcase and celebrate our rural communities..


...by providing unique local programming produced by residents and students using the latest digital broadcasting.


Sunrise Cable Network (SRCN) is the local cable channel 6 operating on Sunrise Communications' cable television systems in the Onaway, Hillman, Atlanta and Posen communities.  SRCN has worked with local communities and schools to create a truly unique local channel in Northeast Michigan. SRCN captures local high school sports games, local government meetings, community events, regional interest events, local concerts, holiday programs, school plays and programs created by SRCN Education Initiative  sponsored High School and Middle School classrooms' student-produced shows. Interested in learning more about our local programming?  Check out our What's On? page to learn more about our programs or if your interested in our High School and Middle School programs check out the SRCN Education Initiative Page.

Employment Opportunities

Sunrise Cable Production Director.pdf

Postion posted 6/29/15

Please email resume to akrajniak@src-milp.com.

Thank you for you interest in Sunrise Cable Network!

Meet the Sunrise Cable Network Staff

David LaClair
Production & Programming Coordinator

David LaClair is Sunrise Cable Network's Production and Programming Coordinator.  He joined the SRCN staff in January 2016, bringing his experience in video production, journalism and communications from Central Michigan University to SRCN. David organizes, films, edits, produces, and schedules programming on Sunrise Cable Network operating in the Onaway, Hillman, Atlanta & Posen areas. David currently resides in Onaway, and also enjoys photography, traveling, hunting, fishing and exploring the outdoors in Northern Michigan, as well as being active in Onaway United Methodist Church.

Andy Kroll

SRCN Sports Commentator

Andy Kroll provides Color and Play-by-Play for Sunrise Cable Network Sports Games at Onaway High School. He has been working with Sunrise Cable Network since 2009 and can be heard on many of the football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball games produced by Sunrise Cable Network.  Andy works in Rogers City, and lives with his wife in Onaway.